Crystal system

Crystal System – Fabric tensioning system

What is Crystal?

Crystal is a patented fabric tensioning system for mounting of PVC vinyl and fabric banners. The

system provides high fabric tension thanks to a hit of a PVC clamping bar into the channels of

specific aluminum profiles.

Why Crystal?


– No size limit

– The system can stretch flexible media up to 600g/m2

– High pull-out resistance certified by special report (up to 1360kg/ml)


– Easy and fast installation


– The end product is a perfectly tensioned framed fabric

– Possibility of curved angles and round forms

Areas of use

The Crystal profiles are especially suited for:

– Large format banners

– Lightboxes & Point-of-sale (store and supermarket display, signage)

– Architecture & Construction

– Exhibition stands & Showrooms

– Vehicle graphics

– Sports events

– Trade shows

– Scenery


– Innovative and proven product

– Easy and fast installation and manipulation

– Possibility of curving of the profiles

– Possibility of double tensioning (two fabrics on one profile)

– Constant tensioning for extraordinary long-term durability

– Light product

– High pull-out resistance

– Tensioning without wrinkles

– No size limit

– Special profiles exclusively for illuminated signages